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    Middelweg 7
    The Netherlands



    The Doodey collection contains about trend setting cardmaking craft products. These products are designed and produced in our factory in Holland. Our collection contains:


    • Doodey Luxury cardlayers
    • Doodey Peel-Off stickers
    • Doodey Craft books
    • Doodey Match-It papers
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    XP-stickers (coloured stickers)
    ZV - Sets
    BE - Luxury cardlayers
    Outline stickers

    About Doodey.com


    We are a trendsetting manufacturer / wholesaler of these kind of peel-off stickers.


    Our productline contains well over 6000 different designs. They are devided over 800 basic collection sheets.


    The main industries we supply are ‘stationery’, ‘Toys’, ‘Craft & Hobby’, and ‘Promotionals’.

    We supply to importers and wholesalers. It’s our policy to deal with a few, selected, customers in each country or area.


    ‘DOODEY’ is a trademark of Take Your Time – Holland.
    ‘DOODEY’- products are available in your favorite Arts & Crafts-retailshop.

    In some countries you will find ‘Doodey’-products in the stationery-shops.